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Sep 9, 2019

Zach was a multi sport athlete from Stanford. He played baseball and football. But after retiring from playing he lost his identity as most athletes do! On this episode we talk about mental health issues, and how he overcame them. I loved our conversation and I hope you all enjoy!

Jul 3, 2019

Grayson Mazzone is a former UCLA football player. He is the son of Noel Mazzone, a long time college football coach. Having moved around for most of his childhood, Grayson always found solitude in football. No matter how many times he moved or transferred schools he always pursued his dream―to play college football....

Jun 26, 2019

On this special episode of Untold, we take a look at the upcoming season for Arizona State, break down each position group and explain why they are a legitimate Pac 12 contender. We'll also go through the upcoming season game by game and convince listeners why ASU will finish with a record of 10-2. 

Apr 23, 2019

Jordan Simone sits down with Herm and Lia Edwards, the first family of Arizona State football. We discuss their marriage, balance of family, and the direction of the ASU football program. 

Mar 28, 2019

Paul Perkins is a former Running back from UCLA and is currently with the New York Giants. He grew up in Chandler, Arizona where he thrived in track and football at an early age. This is his Untold story.